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I'm 32 year's old, 6'3, brown hair, green eyes. 

I work for the local university in the financial aid office as an accountant (pretty much).   I was born in far West Texas, Iraan to be exact, and then spent most of my life moving all over the great state of Texas.  Fort Davis, Encinal, Menard, Llano, back to Menard (where I graduated from high school), then to San Angelo for college (where I got my Bachelor's degree in Business, Music and German), and then started my MBA.  I eventually got tired of school in 1999 and moved to Austin for a year-and-a-half, and then moved back to San Angelo to finish my MBA in Management. 

Since then I have worked for various places around town.  In the meantime I have done a lot of theatre, been in a made-for-tv movie, been in a tv series, been in an independent film and have sung with the local symphony, and have been the secretary on the Board of Directors of the Civic Ballet. 

I am currently the Accounts/Reports Coordinator for the Financial Aid Office at ASU.   I continue to perform with the local theatre and the symphony. 


Here's a pic of me singing with the symphony.  I'm the forth from the right, on the top row.  Not that you can see me.  LOL!