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 Hey guys!

If you're here looking for information about the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Turtles, look no further!

Here is the history:

Once upon a time a gentleman of noble stature, who was very high-minded decided to seek out like-minded individuals.  He rode his donkey (of sweet disposition) to the nearest public barroom and attempted to find other people of virtue.  To do this he posed four questions to them:

1.  What is a four letter word that ends in "unt" and is a term for a woman?
2.  What sticks so far out of a man's pajamas that you can hang a hat on it?
3.  What is a four letter word ending in "k" that means to have intercourse?
4.  What is long and hard and filled with seamen?

If you can answer these questions with purity of mind, e-mail me and I'll personally conduct the initiation ceremony and invite you to join the Yahoo Turtles club!

(Please own a donkey of sweet disposition.  This will be explained to you later.)