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sick and twisted
perverter of men.
That I love to hate,
and hate to love.
I feel such a rush when I'm with you,
yet in the morning you are gone.
I feel sick, empty.
I want you by me, beside me again,
yet I never want to see you again,
but I know I will.
Because I long for you.
You fill me.

What is love?
But the wait...
The interminable wait that I must endure
is Torture.
I'm killing myself slowly
for you.
I write to ease the pain.
I see you all around me,
but not with me.
I feel sadness, betrayal, shame.
because you show yourself
and I do not see.
One day I will awake.

The world.
Dark, cold desolate.
I cringe in the darkness.
I love to be tortured by you.
So much we saw
So much to see
Infinitly more
You are there forever
Or so it seems
Then darkness comforts me
Once more.

You comfort me when I'm down
Something so small
Yet so significant
I loose myself in you
Yet you always know what I feel
Always with me: at home, in a bar
You make me feel complete
I can tell you my inner secrets
You listen and remember
Forever my friend
I love you.

You draw me in
Pull me
I want to stay
You ask me to
Your darkness is comforting
But I know I must leave
I visit you regularly
You know my friends and I yours
22 are left
And you force me away
Knowing I shall return

cisum ecnad esuoh/onhcet
You make my heart sing with joy
Always there when I need you
You can make everybody dance
In my heart I know you are
The beat of life
The beat of love
You don't realize your intoxicating effect
I can loose myself in you
I become free Boundaries are broken
Barriers are destroyed
You sing in my heart eternally
You sing my life.

How many times have I asked for you
I've called out your name
Alone in your darkness
You are the light
Teacher, lover, mother
You are everything to me
Yet you elude me
Within my reach
But never in my grasp
Constantly running in a circle
That never ends

You are big
You are life
You are my expectations
You fill me up
You leave me wanting
You thrill me, chill me, fulfill me
I long for you
For your sensation
Is pure pleasure
For you are heaven
In itself
Forever my passion